The Horror World of Junji

This site contains poorly translated versions of Junji Ito's horror collection.

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Find a list of Junji Ito's works at this great site! Junji Ito Index

I've stopped Translating Souichi's Diary since it has been translated already by Titania. Read it there! I'll try to find something else to translate.

Feb 21st 2013: Clubhouse is finished!

Feb 17th 2013: Almost a year but Clubhouse is about 75% done. I'm putting it up now cause I'm restless.

Mar 2nd 2012: Teaser for Clubhouse is up! The rest will be uploaded as soon as it's finished.

Nov 30th 2011: Ice Cream Bus is up.

July 16th 2011: Added pages 35-66. Fun Winter Vacation is complete.
May 11th 2011: Added pages 21-34. Fun Summer Vacation is complete.
May 9th 2011: Added pages 16-20
May 7th 2011: Added pages 09-15
April 11th 2011: Added pages 05-08